Children, Youth and COVID-19 Vaccines

An infographic describing children and youth and COVID-19 vaccines. The text below fully describes the graphic content.
  1. Everyone 12 years and older should get a COVID-19 vaccination to protect against COVID-19. 
  2. Widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic, prevent new variants, and bring us one step closer to enjoying the activities that we miss. 
  3. COVID-19 vaccines are now available for children 12 years and older! 
  4. After vaccination, your child may experience some side effects – these are normal signs that their body is building protection. 
  5. Common side effects that usually go away in a few days:  
  6. On the arm where you got the shot: pain, redness, swelling. 
  7. Throughout the rest of your body: tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, nausea. 
  8. Some people have no side effects. 
  9. COVID-19 vaccinations are FREE. 
  10. Your child will need 2 shots for full protection. The 2nd shot will be approximately 3 weeks after the 1st shot. 
  11. Nearly 4 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in children (14% of all cases) in the US. 16,000+ children have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 and 300+ children have died. 
  12. Black and brown children bear a disproportionate burden of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19. 

Content last reviewed on July 15, 2021